Feel Good Photos by Sasha
Sasha with cards, calendars, and purses

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Sasha has been taking pictures since she was young and remembers using flashcubes, Polaroid's, and film. For college her focus turned to the West as she attended and graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Geology.

In 2007 Sasha started Feel Good Photos to pursue her passion for photography. It was initially created to provide note cards with colorful and vibrant floral images for those in need of a little "pick-me-up". Through the years, Sasha has incorporated more categories and products in order to touch a larger market. Despite the exploration of new areas, Sasha continues to emphasizes the importance of her products capability to elicit a "feel good feeling".

Even today, every product is produced with images taken by Sasha herself. She certainly has a special appreciation and understanding of nature as she is able to pick out the simple and overlooked beauty. There is a special liveliness found in all of Sasha's photos, creating a everlasting feeling of the images we cherish. The goal continues to be for each image to emit bold beauty to brighten just about anyone's day.

Today Sasha lives in Bozeman, MT where she is surrounded by beauty which she is constantly trying to capture with her lens.